Back to the Future.....

It's hard to believe that in a few short months we will be headed back where it all began some 14 years ago....back to the Houston Quilt Market trade show.....but this time under our new design company....Colourwerx.

We booked our very first trade booth at the Kansas City Quilt Market in the Spring of 2001....we debuted with just six Linderella was a monumental task for two individuals who knew nothing about the industry and who were really going because it "sounded like a fun thing to do" (oh my!)   At that time, we were both working full time at our "TV jobs" in Hollywood - we designed in the mornings and made quilt samples in the evenings...we drew the illustrations by hand and scanned them into Adobe Illustrator without having a clue about how to use the program - we must have set up and auditioned and re-auditioned the booth in our backyard about 20 gazillion times - we direct mailed to quilt shops across the country inviting them to see out booth and enclosed free patterns for them to test (can you imagine?) Instagram and Facebook would have been great assets but at that time, they weren't even invented! - in short, we jumped in head first and never looked back.  Our patterns were a hit and we were on our way!

applicationNow we're headed back to where it all began - to Quilt Market and the funny thing is, it is under very similar circumstances... our full time job is running our quilt shop (Linderella's)  but at the end of each day, our attention turns to Colourwerx and the patterns and design process....we collaborate each moments are usually spent designing, sketching or feverishly sewing up a new quilt sample for our booth....Sunday is no longer a day of rest  but rather a day to squeeze in all that Colourwerx needs doing....we are essentially headed back to our future, and it feels great!  Colourful things are coming - see you in Houston!

Until your next colour fix~Linda & Carl

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