About Us

With over fifteen years experience as professional quiltmakers, Carl & Linda are intensely passionate about the business of quiltmaking, surface design and creating colourful contemporary quilt designs.  Always searching for a twist on traditional quiltmaking, their designs are well known for their adventurous, whimsical look and fearless use of colour.

Carl & Linda both discovered quiltmaking in 2000, while enjoying successful careers in television, film and theater.  Soon after, they formed their first pattern design business, Linderella's Design Studio, and set out to turn their hobby into a full time career.  But after 15 years at Linderella's and owning their own quilt shop under the same name,  Colourwerx is their new adventure mixing an obsession for 'pure colour' with a passion for bold, contemporary designs on both quilts and fabrics.

Today they enjoy collaborating on making quilts and publishing quilt patterns, as well as lecturing and teaching quiltmaking.  They have no employees except for one…Molly, the Beagle, their office manager and personal assistant, who runs their daily schedule and home life.

For up to date happenings about Linda & Carl, Colourwerx and their projects, follow them on the Colourwerx Blog, or through the Colourwerx Facebook and Instagram pages.